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"The Array"

Abandoned facility, north east of Vorkuta on the ice flats.


An entity trapped within the tunnel located outside of A3


Boxing Man

An entity suited up in standard boxing attire that throws a mean punch.

Community Science Template for Chapters

Conveyances (Sentient Cars)

A race of sentient vehicles. At least, that's the form they wear here. They adopted those forms to blend in, having scanned t...

CRITAS Catalogue

The latest products and services offered by CRITAS.

D3O® Tactical Solutions

Brochure for D3O® defense products.

Damien Wite


Donald McCreedy

"I don't want to be this kind of animal anymore." 【k】【i】【a】

Expeditions into A2 / A3

Recent expeditions and the results of going into A2 and A3


An entity seemingly trapped behind a utility tunnel door at A1

Fruit Basket / Fruit People

Inhabitants on the island that seem to embody various types of fruit.

Gabriel "Gabe" Foster


Harold Pumpernickel

Compassionate, kind carpenter in hiding. 【M】【I】【A】

Hendricks Notes

Notes about and left by man named Hendricks. Pertains to Dimensional Interphase Syndrome & key sites across the island.

Items of Faith

These items can be crafted by someone who has 'True Faith'


Small island with a lighthouse near the landbridge.