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Anomalous Entity Report - Martin

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The following artifact has been documented by the community. The information has not been verified by an official source.

Dated: 9 Sept 2021

Documented By: Martin

Subject: Boxing Man
Location: Citadel, Common Area.

At around noon, the entity known as the Boxing Man entered the premises Of the Citadel.

As per his usual modus operandi, the Boxing Man promptly began clocking
the shit out of everybody it could find within range.

Though fighting him is possible, and a reward is given by the entity if one where to beat it in a fair duel of boxing,
the individual known as Mercy shot him down like a ill dog-- many shots, across his entire body.

After being shot like a pig in the slaughterhouse, the entity fell into the ground and began 'blinking' in
and Out Of existence-- ultimately disappearing.