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Citadel Library

In-character information gathered by the Taken, and stored at the Citadel. Information in this section can be treated as IC knowledge once you've visited the Citadel.

V's Cycles

Information provided by V (2021) after researching the rift.


Strange sarcophagi have appeared on the island. Some Taken claim to have heard a voice within.

Hendricks Notes

Notes about and left by man named Hendricks. Pertains to Dimensional Interphase Syndrome & key sites across the island.

The Good Doctor

Cryptic notes and odd entries that have been left in key locations on the island. All pertaining to a certain "doctor", his pat...


An entity trapped within the tunnel located outside of A3

Outside Radio Contact

Taken on the island have made brief contact with the outside world via radio.

Winifred Sightings

Sightings and interactions with Winifred, a young woman who seems to phase in and out of our specific variation of the island a...

Expeditions into A2 / A3

Recent expeditions and the results of going into A2 and A3

Memorium: Connor

The notes of a ghost who led his fellow Taken to his journey's end.

Red Storms

Scythe Figures

A catalog of information and events regarding the spores, green fog and the Scythe Figures at Citadel.