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A1 Bunker Entity

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The following artifact has been documented by the community. The information has not been verified by an official source.

Dated: 9 Sept 2021

Documented By:  N/A

A1 Bunker entity
Behind the locked door at the bottom.
It can see through but we can't see what it loooks like.
Cannot speak, only lets Out pained moans and I think it hums. It growls when angered and some how manages to knock you out or makes you sick if you stick around after that point.

Can undersand english can awnser with taps. one tap no, two taps yes.

Apprently female, over 700 years old, likes to hurt people for fun, apprently wants to attack other entites. Could be lying in order to get out with the last one but why tell us it likes to hurt for fun?