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Fraulein (A1 Bunker Presence)

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The following artifact has been documented by the community. The information has not been verified by an official source.

Dated: 9 Sept 2021

Documented By: Martin

Subject: "Fraulein" (A1 BUNKER PRESENCE)
Status: Active
Danger: Low (?)

Fraulein, as named by local Irving, is a female-presenting entity currently manifesting on the A1 utility tunnel.
She's currently "trapped" behind one of the doors leading to the A1 maintenance tunnels, and unable to free herself as per
her own statement.

Additionally, she seems to be "friendly", and claims to hold a grudge against many other anomalous entities in the island--
Usually asking friendly Taken to free her by opening the doors leading to the maintenance tunnel.

She can make you puke, and faint.
And that's about it.