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Gabriel (The Watch)

Gabriel needed something to do, a purpose, and one of his friends convinced him to join The Watch.  They are a search and rescue group that patrols the North coast looking for fresh Taken, helping them get to settlements and help them get prepared for life on the island.  They monitor the radio and have outposts across the island so they can respond to emergency calls.

They have a uniform of sorts (blue jacket, gloves and hat), most also carry other blue accessories (canteen, knife, etc).

They are usually issued M4s and night scopes to allow them to provide good fire support in emergencies and to operate in the areas of the island that are shrouded in perpetual darkness.

When people mention this Gabriel to Fire Helmet Gabe he often says "Oh, yeah, he's a very angry person."  If asked why he's not wearing blue, he will usually say "Oh, I haven't worn blue in years."

The reason he's angry is because that's the era of his life when his 'Falling' really started to solidify.  It was hard to explain to people, and created some situations that hurt feelings.  It made it hard for him to form relationships, and meet commitments.

Eventually The Watch learned to accept it.  Normally they operated in three man teams, Gabriel was always a fourth man, because he might go to sleep and not wake up where he was the next day.  

Eventually one of the scientists that worked at the settlement he was based out of started to experiment with his 'Falling', helping him understand some of the nuances of it, and eventually helping him master some of the 'tricks' that would eventually become second nature to him.

Sometime between 2010 and 2013 The Watch disappeared as a cohesive organization.  The death kneel came in 2011 when an emergency call from the dam was answered by a squad of The Watch, Gabriel being one of them.  Two waring groups had converged on the dam, trapping the people that called the area home between them.  The conflict lasted several days, costing six members of The Watch and more than a dozen Taken.  The surviving members finally managed to evacuate the Taken to safety, but they organization was shaken.