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Incident Report - 08/09/2021

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The following artifact has been documented by the community. The information has not been verified by an official source.

Dated: 9 Sept 2021

Documented By: Martin

Malletmen Alleged Incident
McKenzie & Schimty
- Martin

At some point during the afternoon, individual Schimty took part in an altercation with a member of the malletmen-- IJnaware of their pacific yet whimsical nature, he took several shots at the malletmen in self-defense.

Members and allies ofthe citadel banded together to travel to the east island, in order to clear matters up regarding the alleged murder Once on the shrine, subjects McKenzie 6 Schimty proceeded to apologize to one of the members, getting smacked roundabout on the fucking face for being idiots.

Though everything was well, really, because the malletmen did not •actually* die. He did take a
sweet time beating the hell out of them before telling us to fuck Off the shrine.

Nobody died. Yay.