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First Sighting of Scythed Figures

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The following artifact has been documented by the community. The information has not been verified by an official source.

Dated: 29 Sept 2021

Documented By: Clover Ardel

Not long after a green storm, a thick layer of fog and spore-like tufts spilled over Citadel. Taken dispersed to the nearby hillside and watched as two cloaked figures with large scythes entered the complex. After some searching around, the two figures departed with the white protective case containing A3 components. 

Taken returned to Citadel and confirmed it was the protective case that was gone. Not long after, mutants appeared and were shot down. A voice sounded off on the radio stating: “You might want to burn these ones.”

Spores began to spread throughout the air again, and everyone pulled out of Citadel. Johnny and Boris returned to begin burning the bodies. The spores ceased, and the fire on the bodies became green until finally fizzling out.

Everyone returned to Citadel where discussions were made with V involving the state of the figures that visited and what to do about the components. After a time, heavy gunfire began towards A1. Most of the Taken at Citadel made their way up to A1 as a Red Storm approached. 


Once the storm passed, V phased out of the timeline. After, a heavy fog settled in, causing everyone to cough uncontrollably. Taken still in the fog began to lose consciousness and endured a burning sensation to the skin and lungs. Reset was taken that seemed to lessen the symptoms. 

Groups made their way back to Citadel at which point green smoke began to cover the area again. Taken attempted to flee the area, but were corralled back in due to explosions and the oncoming storm. While everyone took shelter in the complex, the cloaked figures with scythes entered during the red storm, seemingly not affected by the usual symptoms of being outside during the peak of the storm. 

Once Taken regained consciousness, the figures dropped a black protective case at Johnny’s feet which contained 6 auto-injectors of something called “PO - X”. Two injectors were given to Don and Poppy to keep on hand up north. The remainder were divided into the armory and the infirmary.