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Scythe Figures at Airfield

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The following artifact has been documented by the community. The information has not been verified by an official source.

Dated: 10 Oct 2021

Documented By: Clover Ardel

A few days ago, the new hub for the Taken at the airfield was visited by the Scythe Figures. They surrounded the area in a thick smoke, and when a few people attempted to get too close to the smoke, were harmed by explosions. 

Upon their arrival, the Scythe Figures chose Johnny as their official point of contact moving forward, and returned the A3 components. They requested that experiments begin once again, and departed shortly after.


The following are parts of the conversation written by the Scythe Figures. This does not include Johnny's half of the conversation and is in no particular order.

Which one is the moron who ran out into the smoke, jeopardizing this operation?

The woman ran out by herself like a moron. Put a leash on her, or put a bullet in her. We're not here to play fuck fuck games.

Do you have the list of required equipment?

Disappointing, please be more efficient in the future. You're required to resume your tests at the facility designated A3. You will be our point of contact from now on.