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Johnny & Scythe Figures Conversation

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The following artifact has been documented by the community. The information has not been verified by an official source.

Dated: 1 Oct 2021

Documented By: Clover Ardel

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After Citadel was covered in a dense, green smoke and placed on lockdown, Johnny was pulled into a conversation with the Scythe Figures. Everyone else was informed to stay out of Citadel, with one Scythe Figure guarding the entrance to Citadel.

The Scythe Figures spoke via written word on pages and requested the Taken's help in gathering information about the island and sharing it with them. For our work, they are willing to provide us with resources and assistance against certain aspects of the island.


The following are parts of the conversation written by the Scythe Figures. This does not include Johnny's half of the conversation and is in no particular order.

We'll check in regularly

You just let us know what you require and what it will be used for, so that we can properly submit the funding request to accounting.

The smoke is not harmful to humans.

In exchange, we will provide equipment, supplies, and security for your settlement.

Just anything problematic, really. We know that weird things happen here, which we're prepared for. But people are idiots and sometimes won't listen to reason.

I'm not authorized to disseminate that information at the current time. You would need higher clearance.

We need researchers, analysts, cataloguing services.

We'd also appreciate you giving us the details of any of the more troublesome elements on the island, those that might seek to interfere with our work so that we can eliminate them.

We're not going to hold you responsible for NOT telling us stuff. That's petty shit. Just a heads up on stuff that makes it easier to get things done, that's all. don't put yourselves at risk for the sake of this relationship.

I understand. Technically we *did* steal stuff from you, but it was requested by Analytics, I imagine it'll be returned in time. The items in question were designated as "dangerous" by Analytics, so needed removal.

Mine, too. I specialize in security and field operations. Science things are another department.

Put together a list of what you need and we'll stop by tomorrow to collect.

I'd recommend you discuss this with the rest of your people and come to a collective decision so there's no confusion or misunderstandings moving forward. All that we ask it that we not be disturbed in our work, and that if you're able to provide assistance, you do so; in exchange, we can handle security and supplies, and keep the wolves off your back, metaphorically speaking.

We have no need of warriors. We need expertise. We can handle conflict, but we need local scientific knowledge.

We're just attempting to complete our work, we have no desire to cause you folks any issues or put you in a difficult position, so hopefully we can work together productively.

I did say we're looking for a partnership, but grunt to grunt, it seems like you don't have much of a choice at the moment, tbh.

Of course you have a choice. We have no interest in working with groups which are incapable or unwilling to provide assistance. We are looking for a partnership, not fealty.